ACCA Course and Career Prospects

ACCA Course and Career Prospects

Not all professional courses offer you global opportunities, there are only a few, and ACCA is one of the few. Full form of ACCA is “Association of Chartered Certified Accountants”. ACCA qualification is recognized in many countries and is often considered equivalent to local qualifications. It is a global professional body that provides students with a certification called “Certified Chartered Accountant”. It covers a broader range of subjects, including management, business, and international taxation. 

ACCA Duration

The Duration to complete ACCA qualification depends on factors such as your study pace, prior knowledge, and the number of exams you are planning to give at once. On an average it takes about 3-4 years to become fully qualified ACCA members. ACCA covers a vast variety of subjects that makes you well-equipped with knowledge in accounting, finance, and even taxation. ACCA course typically covers 13 exams which are divided into 3 levels, that include: –

  1. Level 1 is Applied knowledge Level, that covers introduction to finance and essential accounting techniques. This level could be cleared within a few months. This level covers 3 exams in total,
  2. Level 2 is Applied skills Level that focuses on building practical finance skills required for the future. You need to clear six exams to pass this level. Since this level has the maximum number of exams, students usually take 2 to 3 years to complete this level. The duration may vary as you have an option to appear in all the six exams together or as per your preparation standards you could take exams individually also.
  3. Level 3 is the Strategic Professional level that covers Advance Topics and practical experience. There are six subjects in total but out of them you must give only four exams, two mandatory subjects and out of the remaining four subjects, you can choose any two subjects of your choice. In total, the ACCA qualification duration typically ranges from 3-4 years.

The above sequence is the recommended order for taking ACCA exams. Although you can change the order of exams in each level, following the sequence of levels is essential. ACCA benefits exemptions to the following individuals:

  • Graduates – Graduates are generally exempted to give the Applied Knowledge level (Level1), along with that if you are BCom graduates you are also exempted to not give Corporate and Business Law exam from the Applied Skills Level (Level 2). So, in total you are required to clear 9 exams out of 13.
  • Qualified Chartered Accountants – As a qualified CA, you only need to appear for 4 exams out of 13, which includes Business and Technology, Management Accounting, Financial Accounting, and Taxation.

ACCA Passing Score

  • For completing ACCA qualification, you must score least 50% in individual exams for each level, which means if Level 1 has three exams in total and you passed two with 50% and secured 40% in the remaining, then you only need to re-appear for one exam in which you did not score 50% marks.
  • ACCA also offers Computer Based Exams (CBEs) both on demand (available year-round) and session CBEs (four exam sessions per year). You can take these exams at licensed centres,
  • As an ACCA student, you’ll receive 24-hour support from the ACCA connect team. You can access resources like Student Accountant digital magazine, syllabuses, study guides, past exam papers, and a Facebook page for interaction with other students.

ACCA Registration 

  • You can register for the ACCA course through the official ACCA website by using a valid email id and providing personal details (date of birth, address, nationality) and a valid mobile number for future communication.
  • ACCA course fees in India approx. to INR 1.2 lakh to INR 2.6 lakh, considering the exchange rate of the Rupee it may vary. This fee includes a one time registration fee along with the yearly subscription to maintain access to resources.
  • You can also apply for exemption during the registration by submitting the relevant documents that support your exemption claims. Exemption fees apply for each awarded exam.

Minimum Qualification to Appear for ACCA exams and Additional Requirements

The eligibility criteria for the ACCA course are as follows:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to start the ACCA program and must have completed your 12th grade with a minimum of 65% and a minimum of 50% in all other subjects.
  • You must successfully complete the Ethics and Professional Skills module and accumulate 3 years of relevant work experience. Generally, this 3 years’ experience is accumulated while preparing for Level 2 exams. 

Career Opportunity and Salary Prospects

  • ACCA is a renowned global accounting organization with a presence in 179 countries worldwide. It offers the coveted title of a professional accountant to candidates who qualify for its exams. ACCA professionals are employed by Big 4 firms (PwC, EY, Deloitte, KPMG). They can expect an average salary of 7 to 8 LPA as a fresher.
  • ACCA professionals can work in roles such as accountants, auditors, finance managers, business analysts, and taxation experts. As you gain experience, the annual CTC hikes to around 18 LPA to 20 LPA.
  • As an ACCA professional you can work anywhere in the world due to its world-class reputation and, it also provides a high salary potential worldwide. 

ACCA offers high salary along with global opportunities, ACCA title carries immense reputation across the globe and employers value ACCA professionals for their comprehensive skills. It offers a promising career, network opportunities and lifelong skill-building. Imagine confidently entering job interviews or client meetings, backed by ACCA expertise and professionalism!

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