Cheap handymen Services in Singapore That Will Not Hurt Your Pocket

Cheap handymen Services in Singapore

Everybody needs some fixing. Sometimes, small repairs can pile up. A handymen is capable of completing various tasks, which saves you time and effort.

What Can Handymen Do?

The list of jobs that handymen can do is almost endless. From fixing leaks to hanging shelves, from painting walls to assembling furniture – they have got it all covered.

Looking For Budget-Friendly Options?

If you’re looking for recommended Handyman Services in sg at low price, then you might want to consider the following tips:

Look for affordable services: Many handymen offer low prices.

Check online reviews and ask for quotes before deciding on who to hire.

Popular Services in Singapore

Here are the most common handymen services offered in SG:

1. Plumbing

Handymen from can fix leaks and unclog drains. They also install new fixtures such as sinks, faucets, toilets etc.

2. Electrical Works

Minor electrical work like fixing outlets, switches, or lights can be done by them, too; some even offer installation services for new fixtures!

3. Carpentry

Furniture building/repairing is one of their specialties, along with small woodwork projects like shelves and cabinet making.

4. Painting

Painting both indoor & outdoor walls or ceilings neatly & cleanly is what they do best!

5. Assembly

They follow instructions carefully so that beds, tables, chairs, etc., get properly assembled without any mistakes made on their part.

6. General repairs

Door/window repairs plus wall patching up are also among the things these guys excel at doing well during their service hours.

What Should I Expect?

The following are expected from a reliable handyman:

  • They should arrive promptly on time (punctuality).
  • They should have the necessary skills and knowledge for the job (professionalism).
  • They should come equipped with all required tools.
  • Do not forget to read reviews before hiring

How To Select The Right handymen For Me?

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a handyman:

  • Experience: More experience means better work.
  • Reviews: Positive reviews indicate good service.
  • Price – Compare quotes to get the best deal.
  • Services offered – Ensure they offer what you need to be done!
  • Availability -Check their schedule and book early if possible.

DIY Or Hire A Pro?

Sometimes, you can do it yourself, but in most cases, it is better to hire a pro because they have both the skills and tools required, thus saving time as well as ensuring quality artistry.


How much does a handymen cost?

The average price ranges from $50-$100 per hour depending on various factors like location, services needed, etc.

Can handymen fix electrical issues?

Yes, many handymen are capable of fixing electrical problems, but certification is very important, so always ask for proof.

Do I need to provide tools?

Usually, handymen bring their own set of tools only if specified by the client or if special equipment is required, which may be rented out at an additional charge.

Are handymen insured?

Most handymen are insured, but it’s always good practice to double-check because this covers damages caused during service hours.

How do I pay them?

Payment methods accepted by most include cash, bank transfer, or credit card payment, but again, this will depend on individual preferences; therefore, feel free to inquire about such matters prior to engagement with any particular contractor.

In Conclusion

In Singapore, finding a good handymen should be easy; look for experienced ones who have positive reviews while charging fair prices. A good handymen can make your life easier, whether it is just a small repair or a bigger project that requires their services.

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