What is Justin Bieber net worth? Age, Height, Career, Bio/Wiki 2024

What is Justin Bieber net worth? Age, Height, Career, Bio/Wiki 2024

Justin Bieber is a household name, with a career spanning over a decade. He is a very famous and talented singer from Canada. We will delve into the life of Justin Bieber and uncover the answer to the question on everyone’s mind – what is Justin Bieber net worth?

From his humble beginnings as a small-town boy in Canada to becoming a global sensation, we will explore his journey to stardom and the various milestones he has achieved.

Get ready to learn about Justin Bieber Net worth, career, and more as we dive into the world of Justin Bieber and his incredible success story.

So, let’s find out just how much this pop star is worth in 2024.

Quick Bio, wiki about Justin Bieber

Full NameJustin Drew Bieber
Nickname(s)The Biebs, JB, J-Beebs, Douche Pouch, Kidraul, Justin Bieber
Profession(s)Singer, Songwriter
Date of BirthMarch 1, 1994
Age (as of 2024)30 Years
BirthplaceLondon, Ontario, Canada
Zodiac signPisces
HometownStratford, Ontario, Canada
School(s)Jeanne Sauvé Catholic School, Stratford (4.0 GPA) St. Michael Catholic Secondary School, Stratford
College/UniversityDid not attend
Educational QualificationGraduated High School with a 4.0 GPA from St. Michael Catholic Secondary School in Stratford, Ontario
EthnicityFrench-Canadian (Mother) German (Paternal Great-Grandfather) Other roots are- English, Scottish and Irish Bieber has also claimed some undetermined Aboriginal Canadian ancestry
HobbiesWakeboarding, Playing Ice Hockey and Soccer
ParentsFather- Jeremy Jack Bieber (Carpenter and Pro-am Martial Artists), Bruce (step-father) Mother- Pattie Mallette
SiblingsBrother- Jaxon (Half-brother; Born 2010) Justin Bieber Half-Brother Jaxon Sisters- Jazmyn, Allie, Bay (Half-sisters)
WifeHailey Rhode Bieber
Justin Bieber Net Worth$300 million
What is Justin Bieber net worth? Age, Height, Career, Bio/Wiki 2024

Who is Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber is a very famous singer from Canada. Imagine you like singing and posting your videos online, and one day, someone really important sees them and thinks you’re amazing. That’s what happened to Justin!

When he was just a little older than a kid, he put his singing videos on the Internet, and a man named Scooter Braun found them. This man helped Justin become a big star. Justin sings pop music, the catchy music you hear on the radio.

He started making music a long time ago when he was about your age, and now many people worldwide listen to his songs. Justin also plays instruments like the drums, guitar, and piano. That’s Justin Bieber for you!

Justin Bieber Early Life

Justin Bieber was just a regular kid, born on March 1, 1994, in Stratford, Ontario. Justin grew up loving music and started showing his talents at a young age. He would sing and play music at any chance, turning his home into his mini-concert hall.

But Justin’s life wasn’t all about music. He also experienced big changes in his personal life. For example, when he was a bit older, he fell in love with Selena Gomez, a famous actress and singer. They had a love story that was off and on for many years.

After they finally went their separate ways for good, Justin found love again with Hailey Baldwin. Hailey also comes from a famous family,—her dad is Stephen Baldwin, an actor. Justin and Hailey quickly realized they were meant to be together, so they got engaged and married in 2019.

Life wasn’t always easy for Justin. He faced challenges and made mistakes that everyone heard about. But he always tried to learn from them and move forward, even making fun of his mistakes on a show where celebrities joked about him. That’s a bit about Justin’s early life and how he grew up.

What is Justin Bieber net worth? Age, Height, Career, Bio/Wiki 2024

Justin Bieber Career Journey

Beginning Career

Imagine finding a treasure map that leads you to becoming a superstar. That’s what happened to Justin Bieber with his music career. After posting videos on the Internet, Scooter Braun discovered him.

Justin then got the chance to sing for Usher, another famous singer, and not long after, he was making his music for the whole world to hear. He started with albums called “My World” and “My World 2.0,” which had cool songs many people liked to sing along to.

Justin sang on big TV shows and travelled to many places, sharing his music with fans everywhere. He even made a Christmas album and another one named “Believe” that sold millions of copies. Imagine singing a song and millions of people singing it with you.

That’s what happens when Justin Bieber releases new music. It’s like he found a special key that opens doors to new music adventures, making many people happy with his songs.

Music Career

Justin Bieber’s music career is like a thrilling ride at an amusement park, filled with ups, downs, and exciting moments. He began by sharing his talents on the Internet, which led him to become a superstar. Remember his first big hits? Songs like “Baby” quickly became favourites around the world. But Justin didn’t stop there.

He made a movie called “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never” that showed everyone his journey, and it was a huge hit! His music kept bringing smiles and dance moves to people everywhere. Albums like “Under the Mistletoe” and “Believe” were like gifts to his fans, full of catchy tunes.

Justin even won a Grammy Award, a big deal in the music world! He kept making more music, with his album “Purpose” showing everyone he was growing up and changing. And then, with “Justice,” he showed he still loved making pop music that everyone could enjoy.

Justin also teamed up with other singers, creating songs that got stuck in your head, like “Despacito” and “I’m the One.” Watching his music videos, like “Baby” and “Sorry,” has been a favourite activity for millions, making Justin Bieber a name that everyone knows in the music world.

What is Justin Bieber Net Worth?

As of 2024, Justin Bieber’s net worth is $300 million. Imagine all the toys and video games you could buy with that! It all started when he was a little older than you, singing songs online.

People loved his music so much that he started making albums, going on tours worldwide, and even having his songs on the radio. Every year, Justin made more and more money by creating new music, performing in concerts, and working with other famous artists.

He also made money by selling cool merchandise, like T-shirts and hats, and by being in commercials. So, Justin Bieber worked hard and became super successful from a young boy in Canada to a superstar singer. That’s how he got a net worth of $300 million!

Justin Bieber Real Estate

Justin Bieber’s journey in real estate is quite an adventure! When he was 18, he bought a big house for $6.5 million in The Oaks, where only very special people can live.

It’s like a big, fancy neighbourhood with gates. But living there wasn’t all fun and games. Justin had trouble because of loud parties and not being very nice to his neighbours’ properties, which got him into trouble.

Later, Justin and his wife Hailey liked to move around a lot, living in different houses in different places, like being on a never-ending vacation. For a while, they even paid a lot of $100,000 monthly just to rent a house!

In 2019, Justin decided to buy another home in Beverly Hills for $8.5 million, but he only kept it for a short time. Then, in 2020, he found a super big, fancy house in Beverly Hills for $28.5 million. This house is in a special area with famous neighbours and lots of space.

Wife and Relationship status

Justin Bieber and his wife, Hailey Rhode Bieber, have been in the spotlight, with some discussing divorce rumours. But someone who knows much about what’s happening said those rumours aren’t true. Justin and Hailey got married in 2018 and are doing well together.

Despite what some stories say, they’re very happy, and there’s no plan for a divorce. Hailey even talked about how some stories on the internet are made up and not true. She wants people to know that what they read online is sometimes wrong.

Justin and Hailey showed everyone they were still close by sharing pictures of big chocolate eggs with their names on them during Easter. Hailey also shared a very sweet message for Justin’s birthday, calling him the love of her life for life.

So, they’re enjoying their time together, proving that love can be strong and last a long time, even when people are saying things that aren’t true.

Justin Bieber Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Justin Bieber is not just famous for his music, but people also notice how he looks, which is pretty cool! He’s about 175 centimetres tall, the same as 1.75 meters or about 5 feet 9 inches if you use a ruler. He weighs around 70 kilograms, which is also about 154 pounds.

That’s how heavy he is if you put him on a scale! His body measurements are specific; his chest is about 40 inches around, his waist is 32 inches, and his biceps are 14 inches. That means he’s pretty fit and strong!

Looking at him, you might notice his eye colour is blond, which is special and uncommon. His hair is light brown and often styled in cool ways that many people like to copy. Justin Bieber has a unique look that many fans admire, making him stand out with his voice and how he presents himself to the world.

Justin Bieber Net Worth$300 million
Heightin centimeters- 175 cm in meters- 1.75 m in feet inches- 5’ 9”
Weight (approx.)in kilograms- 70 kg in pounds- 154 lbs
Body Measurements (approx.)– Chest: 40 inches – Waist: 32 inches – Biceps: 14 inches
Eye ColorBlond
Hair ColorLight Brown

Justin Bieber on Social Media

Justin Bieber is super popular, not just in real life but also on the internet! On Instagram, he’s got a whopping 293 million people following him, and he follows 782 others. He’s shared over 7,481 posts – that’s a lot of photos and videos!

On Twitter, he has 110.9 million followers. That’s like if every person in a big city decided to follow him! Justin’s YouTube channel is also huge, with 72.6 million people subscribing to watch his music videos and other cool stuff.

And let’s not forget Facebook, where 91.9 million people have hit the “like” button on his page. Justin Bieber knows how to stay connected with his fans worldwide through his social media!

Song Video and Images

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Interesting Facts & Trivia about Justin Bieber

  • Justin Bieber can solve a Rubik’s Cube in less than 2 minutes! Imagine all those colours matching up so quickly.
  • He was the youngest solo male artist to have a number-one album in the United States until 2019. That’s a huge deal!
  • Justin has a pet monkey named Mally. Not every day do you hear someone having a monkey as a pet.
  • His favourite colour is purple. If you look, you’ll see he wears it a lot.
  • Justin can play the drums, guitar, piano, and trumpet. That’s like being a one-person band!
  • He once performed in front of the White House for the President. That’s a very special honour.
  • Justin’s favourite cereal is Captain Crunch. Who knows, maybe you both like the same breakfast!
  • He has a small seagull tattoo, his very first tattoo on his hip.
  • Justin loves hockey and is a big Toronto Maple Leafs fan. He even gets to play sometimes!

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Justin Bieber?

Justin was born on March 1, 1994; he is 30 years old!

What is Justin Bieber’s favourite colour?

His favourite colour is purple. You might notice him wearing it a lot!

Does Justin Bieber play any instruments?

Yes, he can play the drums, guitar, piano, and trumpet. That’s a lot of instruments!

How did Justin Bieber become famous?

He posted videos of himself singing on the Internet, and a man named Scooter Braun found him. That’s how he started his music career.

Who is Justin Bieber married to?

He is married to Hailey Rhode Bieber. They got married in 2018.

What’s one fun thing Justin Bieber can do fast?

He can solve a Rubik’s Cube in less than 2 minutes!

Does Justin Bieber have any pets?

Yes, he had a pet monkey named Mally.

What’s Justin Bieber net worth?

As of 2024, Justin Bieber net worth is $300 million. That’s a lot of money for making music and performing!


And there you have it, a journey through Justin Bieber’s life, from a young boy with a big dream in Canada to a global superstar with millions of fans. We learned about how he started, the music he’s shared with the world, and even some fun facts like how he can solve a Rubik’s Cube super-fast!

Justin’s story teaches us that dreams can come true with talent, hard work, and a bit of luck. It also shows us how important it is to keep moving forward, no matter the challenges.

Justin Bieber’s adventure in music and life is inspiring, showing us all that it’s possible to achieve great things and make a big difference in the world. Keep dreaming, keep singing. One day, you’ll inspire the world just like Justin.

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