Who is Kylie Page? Bio/Wiki, Age, Height, Career, Net Worth

Who is Kylie Page? Bio/Wiki, Age, Height, Career, Net Worth

Kylie Page is a stunning model and actress from America who has captured the hearts of many with her captivating beauty and talents in the entertainment industry. With her charming smile and attractive features, Kylie has become a well-known figure in the world of acting and modelling.

Born on February 13, 1997, in Claremore, Oklahoma, Kylie discovered her passion for being in front of the camera at a young age, leading her to pursue a successful career in the industry.

Let’s dive into her bio and net worth to learn more about this rising star.

Quick Bio, Wiki about Kylie Page

Real NameKylie Page
ProfessionModel & Actress
Age27 years
Date of BirthFebruary 13, 1997
Zodiac SignGemini
CountryClaremore, Oklahoma, USA
Lives inUnited States
Husband NameUnknown
Boyfriend NameUnknown
Net Worth$230,000 – $240,000 USD
Who is Kylie Page? Bio/Wiki, Age, Height, Career, Net Worth

Who is Kylie Page?

Kylie Page is a famous actress and model from the United States. She is especially known for her work in adult movies. Besides acting, Kylie loves to model and dance, showing off her many talents.

She was born on February 13, 1997, which makes her a young star in the entertainment world. Kylie grew up in a small town called Claremore in Oklahoma. Ever since she was little, Kylie enjoyed being in front of the camera.

This passion for performing led her to a successful career where she now shines as a bright star, making many people around the world admire her.

Kylie’s Early Life and Family

Kylie Page grew up in Claremore, Oklahoma, a small but cozy town. From when she was very young, Kylie loved to be where everyone could see her, like when she was in front of a camera. She was always full of energy and had big dreams.

Her family was there for her from the start, cheering her on. They saw her love for performing and supported her dream to become a star.

Even though she’s become famous, Kylie remembers her roots and the support of her family. They were her first fans and believed in her talent before anyone else did.

Who is Kylie Page? Bio/Wiki, Age, Height, Career, Net Worth

Kylie Page Career Journey

Kylie Page started her journey in the world of acting and modelling when she was just a young girl. Her love for being in front of the camera made her work very hard. She wanted to share her talents with everyone.

Kylie began by taking small steps, like participating in local shows and photo shoots. This helped her learn a lot and become better at what she does. Soon, her hard work paid off, and she started getting roles in adult movies, where she became very famous.

Kylie didn’t stop there. She also showed her skills in dancing and modelling, making her a star in many areas. Through the years, Kylie has done many different things in her career, always trying to improve and show the world her amazing talents.

Her journey shows that with hard work and love for what you do, you can achieve your dreams.

Kylie Page Height, Weight, and Body Measurement

Kylie Page stands tall at 1.65 meters, which is the same as 5 feet 5 inches. She weighs 61 kilograms, and that’s about 134 pounds. Her body measurements are unique, making her stand out. Kylie’s figure measures 34G-25-35 inches from her chest, waist, to hips.

That means her bra size is 34G, which is quite specific to her curvy figure. Kylie is proud of her white or Caucasian ethnicity, which adds to her distinctive look. She wears a size eight shoes in US measurements, perfect for her feet.

Kylie’s hair is a beautiful shade of blond, and her eyes are deep black. One of her most noticeable features is her curvy figure, which many people admire.

Age27 years
Height1.65 m (5 ft 5 in)
Weight61 kg (134 lbs)
Figure Size34G-25-35
Kylie Page FeetShoe Size: 8 US
Hair ColourBlond
Eye ColourBlack
Distinctive FeaturesCurvy Figure

Achievements and Award

Kylie Page has done a lot of cool things in her career. She’s known for her acting and has been in many movies. People really like her because she is very good at what she does. Even though Kylie is still young, she has already been noticed for her hard work.

She has won awards that say “Great Job!” for being such a good actress. These awards help show everyone how talented Kylie is.

Just like getting a gold star in school, Kylie’s awards make her feel happy and proud. She keeps working hard, hoping to win even more awards in the future.

Boyfriend and Relationship Status

Right now, Kylie Page likes to keep her love life private. This means she only talks a little about who she might be dating. Just like some people have secret treasures, Kylie has secrets about her heart.

It’s okay because everyone has things they like to keep to themselves. What’s important is that Kylie is happy doing what she loves, whether she’s sharing her life with someone special or not. Her fans care about her happiness the most, and they support her in everything she does.

Kylie Page Net Worth

Kylie Page has saved a lot of money from her acting, dancing, and modelling work. Think of it like a big piggy bank that gets filled with coins. Kylie’s piggy bank is pretty full! It has about $230,000 to $240,000 in it.

That’s a lot of money! It’s like if you saved up all your birthday money, but way, way more. Kylie worked very hard to fill up her piggy bank, showing that when you work hard at what you love, you can achieve big things.

Kylie’s Future Dreams

Kylie Page has big dreams for her future, like a garden waiting to bloom with flowers of every color. She wants to keep shining as a star in the movies, dancing on bigger stages, and modelling so that more people can see her smile. Kylie dreams of being in movies that many people watch, not just adults.

She hopes to use her talents to make the world a happier place, spreading joy like sunshine. Kylie also dreams of helping others, starting a charity to support kids who want to act, dance, or model but don’t have the chance.

Her heart is as big as her dreams, and she believes that with hard work and a kind smile, she can make them all come true.

Kylie Page has big dreams for her future, like a garden waiting to bloom with flowers of every color. She wants to keep shining as a star in the movies, dancing on bigger stages, and modelling so that more people can see her smile. Kylie dreams of being in movies that many people watch, not just adults.

Kylie Page Interview

Interesting Facts & Trivia about her

  • Kylie loves animals, especially puppies and kittens.
  • Her favourite colour is pink, which she says makes her feel happy.
  • She enjoys eating pizza on weekends, calling it her “cheat meal”.
  • Kylie is also a big fan of reading books, especially fairy tales.
  • She knows how to play the guitar, which she learned when she was a teenager.
  • Kylie likes to travel and dreams of visiting every country in the world one day.
  • She is a morning person and believes starting her day early helps her stay productive.
  • On her days off, Kylie enjoys painting, using bright and vibrant colours in her artwork.
  • She has a secret talent for baking and loves making cookies for her friends.
  • Kylie’s favourite season is winter because she loves the snow and cozying up with a warm blanket.

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Hobbies and Interests

Kylie Page has many hobbies that she loves doing in her free time. Here are some of her favourite activities:

  • Drawing and Painting: Kylie enjoys creating art. She uses bright colours to paint pictures that make people smile.
  • Playing Guitar: Music is important to her. She knows how to play the guitar and sometimes writes her songs.
  • Baking: Kylie loves to bake cookies and cakes. She often bakes treats for her friends and family.
  • Reading: She is a big fan of reading books, especially stories about magic and adventures.
  • Traveling: Kylie dreams of visiting different countries around the world to learn about new cultures.
  • Spending Time with Pets: She adores animals and loves to play with puppies and kittens whenever she can.
  • Watching Movies: Kylie enjoys watching movies, both new ones and old favourites, during her relaxation time.
  • Hiking and Being Outdoors: She likes to go on hikes and spend time in nature, enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scenery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Kylie Page?

Kylie is 27 years old.

Where did Kylie grow up?

She grew up in Claremore, Oklahoma.

What does Kylie Page do?

Kylie is an actress and model, and she loves to dance.

How tall is Kylie?

She is 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Does Kylie have any awards?

Yes, Kylie has won awards for her acting.

Is Kylie dating anyone?

Kylie likes to keep her love life private.

How much money does Kylie have?

Kylie’s piggy bank is thought to have between 230k to $240 USD.

What are Kylie’s hobbies?

Kylie enjoys painting, playing the guitar, baking, reading, travelling, playing with pets, watching movies, and hiking.


Kylie Page is a super-talented star who loves acting, modelling, and dancing. She has worked very hard since she was little, and now lots of people around the world think she’s amazing.

Kylie dreams big and wants to do even more cool things in the future, like making movies that everyone can watch and helping kids follow their dreams, too. She also has lots of fun hobbies, like playing the guitar and baking yummy cookies.

Kylie shows us that with lots of hard work and a big heart, you can make your dreams come true and help others do the same.

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