Who is Leicht Perlig? Bio/Wiki, Age, Height, Career, Net Worth

Who is Leicht Perlig? Bio/Wiki, Age, Height, Career, Net Worth

Leicht Perlig, the Instagram sensation with over four million followers, has taken the social media world by storm with her stunning photographs. Born in Germany in 1990, her birthday and zodiac sign remain a mystery.

At 34 years old, Leicht is deeply rooted in her Christian faith and has a strong educational background, having completed her high school studies and pursued graduation from a reputable university.

With her captivating beauty and successful modelling career, Leicht has gained a significant following and is undoubtedly a rising star in the digital world.

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Quick Bio, Wiki about Leicht Perlig

Real NameLeicht Perlig
NicknameSoft sparkling
Birth Year1990
Leicht Perlig Age (as of 2024)34 Years
Alma MaterFamous College
Birth PlaceGermany
ProfessionModel, Instagram Star, Internet Personality, and Social Media Influencer
Marital StatusSingle
Leicht Perlig Net Worth$800,000
Who is Leicht Perlig? Bio/Wiki, Age, Height, Career, Net Worth

Who is Leicht Perlig?

Leicht Perlig, also known by her fun nickname Softsparkling, is a shining star on Instagram, sharing her life through beautiful pictures. Imagine having a magic window that lets you peek into someone’s world, filled with moments captured in photos—that’s what Leicht gives her more than two million friends who follow her adventures online.

Leicht is not just a model; she is like a storybook character that people can’t wait to see what she does next. She’s from Germany and has turned her passion for being in front of the camera into a career, making her a big name on the internet.

Leicht isn’t just about taking pretty pictures; she’s a storyteller, using her Instagram to connect with people all around the globe. Her journey from a young girl in Germany to a beloved internet personality shows that you can light up the world uniquely with hard work and a love for what you do.

Leicht Perlig Career

Imagine starting a journey with just a phone and a love for pictures. That’s how Leicht Perlig began her adventure into becoming an Instagram star. One day, she created an account and shared photos of herself.

It was like planting a tiny seed in a big digital garden. Slowly, more and more people started to notice her, liking her photos and following her journey. Before long, that tiny seed grew into a big, beautiful tree with over 4.1 million followers!

But Leicht didn’t stop there. She wanted to ensure a backup plan, so she created another account called Zartprickelnd, which means ‘Gently Sparkling’ in English. This second account is like a safety net, holding 788k followers if something happens to her main account.

Not only does she share eye-catching photos, but Leicht also dives into the world of videos. She has a YouTube channel named @Softsparkling, where 35.8k subscribers tune in to watch her share personal stories and life experiences.

It’s like she’s inviting us into her home for a friendly chat. Through photos and videos, Leicht Perlig has built a bridge that connects her with people worldwide.

Who is Leicht Perlig? Bio/Wiki, Age, Height, Career, Net Worth

What Makes Leicht Perlig Special?

What makes Leicht Perlig super special is her sparkling personality and the way she turns everyday moments into something magical. Imagine finding something beautiful and fun in even the smallest things – that’s Leicht for you!

She shares photos and stories that touch hearts, making her followers feel part of a big, happy family. Plus, she uses her fame to spread positivity and love, shining like a bright star in the online world. Leicht teaches us to see the world with wonder, just like stepping into a fairy tale every time you visit her page.

Leicht Perlig Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Leicht Perlig stands tall and graceful at 5’10”, the same as 178 centimetres. She weighs around 75 kilograms, or 165 pounds, giving her a strong and captivating presence.

Her hair is a lovely shade of dark brown, complementing her brown eyes perfectly and adding to her enchanting appearance. Her figure is impressive, with measurements of 36E-24-36, showcasing a balance of strength and beauty.

Leicht’s physical features are not just numbers; they tell a story of someone confident, radiant, and beautifully unique in her way.

Soft sparkling Age (as of 2024)34 Years
Height (feet)5’10”
Height (cm)178 cm
Weight (kg)75 kg
Weight (lbs)165 lbs
Hair colorDark brown
Eye colorBrown

Achievement and Awards

Leicht Perlig might not have a shelf full of shiny trophies or medals, but her biggest achievement is her huge family of followers on Instagram. Imagine having a whole city’s worth of people who love and support what you do – that’s how many fans Leicht has!

Over two million friends online are like a super special award you can’t find in a store. She’s also made a second home for almost 800,000 more pals on her other account. Even without a traditional award, making so many people smile and feel happy with her posts is a pretty awesome prize.

Plus, her YouTube channel adds to her achievements, where she shares her heart and stories with thousands more. Every new follower, like, and kind comment is like a gold star for Leicht, showing she’s doing something special.

Boyfriend and Relationship Status

Leicht Perlig likes to keep her love life private, so we wonder if she has a boyfriend. She believes in sharing her fun adventures and happy moments on Instagram but keeps her heart matters just for herself.

It’s like having a secret garden where only she knows what’s growing inside. Right now, we can’t say if she’s single or taken. But that’s okay! Leicht shows us it’s important to share what we love but keep some things just for us.

Future Dreams

Leicht Perlig has big dreams for the future, just like when you imagine what you want to be when you grow up. She wants to keep sharing her beautiful pictures and stories with everyone, making her Instagram family even bigger.

Imagine a tree that keeps growing, reaching higher and higher – that’s Leicht’s dream. She also hopes to travel to new places and capture those adventures in her photos, sharing the world’s beauty with all of us.

Plus, she dreams of helping people feel happy and inspired every day, like a sun that always shines, making our days brighter.

Leicht Perlig Net Worth

Leicht Perlig knows how to turn her passion into a paycheck. Think of it like when you have a lemonade stand, and every cup you sell adds more coins to your piggy bank. For Leicht, her “lemonade stand” is her Instagram and YouTube, where big companies pay her to show off their stuff.

She works with cool fashion brands that think she’s the perfect person to help them shine. This has helped her save up more than $800,000! Just imagine what kind of awesome treehouse you could build with that!

Every picture or video she shares is like finding a treasure because many people like and comment on them. When she posts a photo wearing a brand’s clothes or using their product, she can earn between $5,023 and $8,372!

That’s a lot of video games or bicycles! Plus, she has a special place called Onlyfans, where grown-ups pay monthly to see exclusive pictures, like a secret club. Even though it’s not her main way of making money, it’s like having an extra lemonade stand on a hot day.

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Interesting Facts & Trivia about Leicht Perlig

  • Leicht loves animals and has a cute pet dog that sometimes appears in her photos.
  • She enjoys travelling and has visited beautiful places like the beaches in Spain and the mountains in Switzerland.
  • Leicht is a big fan of chocolate and often shares pictures of her favourite treats.
  • She has a secret talent for painting and occasionally posts her artwork online.
  • Despite her fame, Leicht prefers wearing comfy clothes like jeans and T-shirts when she’s not modelling.
  • Her favourite colour is blue, which reminds her of the ocean and the sky.
  • Leicht is good at cooking and loves to try out new recipes from around the world.
  • She practices yoga to stay fit and relaxed and sometimes shares tips with her followers.
  • Leicht’s dream is to write a book about her adventures and what she’s learned from travelling.
  • She believes in kindness and always tries to spread positive vibes through her posts.


Leicht Perlig loves doing things that make her happy and help her relax. Here are some of her favourite hobbies:

  • Taking Photos: Leicht loves capturing beautiful moments everywhere she goes. Using her camera, it’s like a fun game of freeze-tag with time.
  • Traveling: She’s always ready to explore a forest or visit a new city. Each place has its own story.
  • Painting: Leicht creates her worlds with brushes and colours on canvas. It’s magic how a few swipes can make something beautiful.
  • Cooking: Trying new recipes and adding her twist is another way she expresses herself. It’s like a delicious experiment every time.
  • Yoga: This helps her stay fit and calm. Imagine stretching like a cat in the sun, feeling all relaxed.
  • Reading: Leicht dives into books, swimming through stories and learning new things. It’s like going on a treasure hunt in her mind.
  • Gardening: Watching plants grow from tiny seeds is super cool. It’s like caring for little green pets.

Leicht Perlig Video and Images

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Leicht Perlig?

She’s 34 years old.

Where is Leicht Perlig from?

She comes from Germany.

Does Leicht Perlig have a boyfriend?

We don’t know because she keeps her love life private.

How many followers does she have?

Leicht has over 4 million followers on her main Instagram account.

What does Leicht Perlig like to do for fun?

She enjoys taking photos, travelling, painting, cooking, yoga, reading, and gardening.

What’s Leicht’s favourite colour?

Her favourite colour is blue.

Does Leicht Perlig have any pets?

Yes, she has a cute pet dog.

How does Leicht Perlig make money?

She earns money by promoting fashion brands on her Instagram and YouTube and has an Onlyfans account.


So, we’ve been on a fun journey learning about Leicht Perlig. From her start with just a camera and a dream to becoming an Instagram star with millions of followers, Leicht shows us that being true to yourself and following your passions can lead to wonderful places.

Whether she’s sharing a snapshot of her life, travels, or love for chocolate and comfy clothes, Leicht invites us into a world where every day is an adventure. She’s like a friend who encourages us to find beauty in the ordinary and keep dreaming big.

Remember, like Leicht, you have a special story to share.

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