Managed or Unmanaged VPS Hosting: Which one is Better for India Business?


VPS is the most talked-about server in the India e-commerce website market. What is so special about it? The entire service of a virtual private server was created to offer isolation and security to the users at an affordable price. The word “affordable” is what makes this service so special. With India VPS, you can get elite features like a dedicated server without paying heavily for it.

If you are stoked by pocket-friendly servers loaded with unique features, don’t stop here. We urge you to read this entire article and broaden your view of virtual private servers. You will be amazed at how different managed and unmanaged virtual hosting are. Also, we suggest you the right provider to help you grow your e-commerce platform.

Unique Explanation of India VPS

The basic explanation for India VPS revolves around virtuality. The story of VPS starts with a big physical server placed inside a smartly operated data center. This computer consists of various important resources like RAM, CPU, and much more. 

Now, imagine multiple virtualized sections inside this computer that hold the physical server. Each section is a VPS server in itself. These sections get part of the resources available with the main physical server. Due to the virtual division, each client gets proper security and privacy. This mind-blowing server has two major varieties, which we will look at in the next headline. 

A Quick Look at Managed and Unmanaged India VPS Hosting

A managed VPS hosting plan in India is like a one-stop solution for all your hosting needs. This service involves providers handling server maintenance, updates, security, and round-the-clock technical support. Ideal for those preferring a hands-off approach, it ensures seamless server operation by entrusting routine tasks to the Indian provider. You can benefit from 24/7 expert support, facilitating troubleshooting and guidance. 

Additionally, automated backups by the provider ensure data safety and swift recovery in unforeseen scenarios. With robust security measures in place, managed VPS  hosting in India can significantly reduce your responsibilities in administering the security of the server, eventually providing a secure and reliable hosting environment.

An unmanaged VPS server in India is no less than a managed server. So why the hype around the managed service? In reality, an unmanaged server is a cakewalk for a person with sound technical knowledge. Here, you are going to manage everything on your own, from security to bandwidth. This type of service gives you a degree of control. This option is usually more cost-effective than managed hosting in India., which requires users to handle maintenance and support responsibilities. The high level of customizability allows users to tailor the server configuration to their specific needs or applications without limitations. However, this freedom comes with the responsibility for updates, security patches, and system optimizations, placing the onus on users to ensure server upkeep and performance.

How Do You Choose the Best Managed VPS for Your India E-Commerce Platform?

Now, we have reached a level where we can see the importance of India VPS, but the next step is much more crucial. At this point, if you are looking for a good plan, then you must check out the following points.

  • Managed VPS in India should have ample resources to support smooth data transmission.
  • There should be a high uptime guarantee to let users enjoy a buffer-free scrolling experience.
  • Ensure service with robust technical support to get you covered on a rainy day.
  • Opt for a DDoS-protected and SSL certificate-equipped server or your e-commerce platform in India.
  • A routine backup policy is a must for the safety of huge datasets. 

Leading Circumstances Where Managed India VPS Is Deployed

Some different industries and fields deploy managed India VPS hosting. India e-commerce ensures secure transactions and uninterrupted sales, while SMEs benefit from comprehensive support without dedicated IT teams. Furthermore, web development agencies find ease in managing client websites, high-traffic sites maintain performance, and critical projects ensure reliability with managed VPS India. Resellers prefer its ease and quality, while developers use it for testing.

Additionally, it caters to digital agencies’ hosting needs and provides stability and scalability for online communities and forums. In essence, managed VPS accommodates a spectrum of demand, providing tailored support and reliability across multiple sectors and business models.

Serverwala’s India VPS: Prime Choice for India E-commerce Website

We genuinely mean it when we say Serverwala Cloud Data Centers Hosting Services is the prime choice for getting a highly reliable India VPS. Flexible payment cycles and a wide variety of operating systems allow their users to have a next-level virtual hosting experience. 

When it comes to the safety of data, Serverwala offers a DDoS-protected mechanism along with an honest and clear SLA. Their expert client support helps in the proper management of high-traffic e-commerce management. Whether you have high traffic on your platform or need swift data transmission, the resource-rich and reliable India VPS provider, Serverwala, is a ten on ten.


A high-traffic e-commerce platform is all about bustling consumers, endless scrolling, and huge datasets. Best India VPS is the perfect solution to handle such a large data load. Managed virtual hosting in India offers a comprehensive package, providing hands-off management, expert support, and robust security measures, making it ideal for those seeking convenience and reliability. 

On the other hand, an unmanaged VPS grants full control and customization but requires technical expertise for maintenance and optimization. For Indian e-commerce platforms, eyeing the most reliable and cheapest India VPS is an important consideration that includes resource sufficiency, uptime reliability, robust technical support, security measures, and backup policies. We believe you now have a clear view of this elite yet affordable service.

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