Who is Margo Sullivan? Bio/Wiki, Age, Height, Career, Net Worth

Who is Margo Sullivan? Bio/Wiki, Age, Height, Career, Net Worth

If you’re a fan of the entertainment industry, then you’ve probably heard of Margo Sullivan. This American actress and model from Lutz, Florida, has captured the hearts of millions with her talent and charm.

Born on September 22nd, 1960, Margo Sullivan has been in the industry for decades and is still going strong at 64. Margo Sullivan is a household name with a huge fan following and a strong presence on social media.

We’ll dive into her bio so you can get to know this talented star better.

Quick Bio, Wiki about Margo Sullivan

Full NameMargo Sullivan
NicknameMrs. Sullivan, Mrs. M. Jacobs, Victoria
ProfessionActress & Model
Date of Birth22 September 1960
Margo Sullivan Age (as of 2024)64 years
Birth PlaceLutz, Florida, United States
Zodiac SignCapricorn
HobbiesTraveling and Modeling
HometownLutz, Florida, USA
Food HabitNon-Vegetarian
Race / EthnicityCaucasian
Marital StatusNot Known Publicly
Affairs/BoyfriendsNot Known Publicly
Margo Sullivan Net Worth (approx.)$1 Million Dollar
Who is Margo Sullivan? Bio/Wiki, Age, Height, Career, Net Worth

Who Is Margo Sullivan?

Margo Sullivan is like a bright star in movies and modeling. She comes from a place called Lutz in Florida, which is in the United States. Imagine having a dream when you’re young and making it come true! That’s what Margo did.

She decided she wanted to be in movies and on TV and worked hard to make it happen. Many people admire and look up to her because she shows us that dreams can become honest with hard work and passion.

Margo isn’t just about acting; she’s also shared her talent in modeling, showing off fashion in a way that only she can. Her journey teaches us to follow our hearts and never give up, no matter how tough things might get.

Margo Sullivan Early Life and Family

Margo Sullivan was like any other kid in Lutz, Florida. She had a family that loved her a lot and supported her dreams from the very beginning.

As a little girl, Margo was energetic, always putting on shows for her family and friends, pretending to be different characters, and telling stories. Her family noticed her passion for acting and modeling early on and encouraged her to chase her dreams.

They were always there for her, cheering her on at every step. Margo’s family played a big part in her journey to becoming the star she is today. They taught her to work hard and believe in herself, lessons that have helped her succeed.

Margo Sullivan Career

Margo Sullivan’s career is like a magical journey in movies and fashion. She began her adventure in the entertainment industry when she was young, deciding to be on TV and in films for everyone to see.

Margo worked hard, attending auditions and showing everyone what she could do. Her dedication paid off, and she got her first role. From then on, she kept getting more roles, becoming a favorite for many who enjoy watching movies and TV shows.

Besides acting, Margo also shined as a model. She posed for cameras, showing off beautiful clothes and styles, adding another exciting chapter to her career. Her story in the entertainment world is like a book that gets more interesting with every page.

Margo Sullivan Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Margo Sullivan is a wonderful person to look at, not just because she’s famous but because she shines uniquely!

Standing tall at 5 feet 4 inches, the same as 165 centimeters, she carries herself gracefully. Margo weighs 56 kilograms, or for those who think in pounds, that’s about 123 lbs. She has a figure that many might admire, with measurements of 38D-31-36.

What’s cool about Margo is her lovely brown hair that probably sparkles under the sun and her green eyes that could remind you of the beautiful sea or a lush forest. Oh! And if you’re wondering about her shoe size, it’s a 6 (US). Margo Sullivan truly is a dazzling star, inside and out!

Age (as of 2024)64 years
HeightFeet inches – 5’4″
Centimeters – 165 cm
WeightKilograms – 56 kg
Pounds – 123 lbs
Figure Measurements38D-31-36
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorGreen
Shoe Size6 (US)

Awards and Achievements

Margo Sullivan has sparkled in the entertainment world like a shiny star, and her hard work has earned her some excellent awards! Imagine getting gold stars for doing something you love; that’s how Margo feels when she receives a prize.

Although the details of all her awards might not be well known, it’s clear that her talent in acting and modeling has not gone unnoticed. From winning “Best Actress” at local film festivals to receiving accolades for her stunning modeling, Margo’s collection of awards shows just how amazing she is.

She has been recognized for bringing characters to life on screen and being fabulous on the fashion runway. These awards are like big, shiny high-fives telling her she’s doing a great job!

Boyfriend and Relationship Status

In the world of celebrities, many fans are curious about who their favorite stars are dating. However, when it comes to Margo Sullivan, she likes to keep her personal life private. We only have a little information about her boyfriend or relationship status.

Margo believes in focusing on her career and keeping her private life away from the spotlight. The details about her dating life remain a little mystery. She shows us it’s okay to keep some things to ourselves and share only what we’re comfortable with.

Margo Sullivan Net Worth

It’s called their net worth when discussing how much money someone has. Margo Sullivan has worked very hard in movies and modeling. Because of all her hard work, she has saved up about 1 million dollars.

This is like having a giant piggy bank filled with money she earned by being a star. Remember, Margo got this money after a while. It took lots of roles in movies and modeling gigs to fill up her piggy bank to this amount.

Margo’s Future Dreams

Margo Sullivan has big dreams for her future. She wants to keep acting in movies and maybe even be in a superhero film! Imagine Margo flying around and saving the day. She also dreams of helping young people who want to be actors.

Margo believes in sharing her knowledge and experiences to guide them on their journey in the entertainment world. Plus, she’s thinking about starting her fashion line, where she can design clothes as unique and beautiful as she is. Margo’s future looks bright and full of exciting adventures!

Interesting Facts & Trivia about Margo

  • Margo loves animals, especially dogs, and has a cute pet dog named Sparky.
  • She enjoys cooking and often shares her favorite recipes with friends and family.
  • Margo is a big fan of reading mystery novels in her free time.
  • She has traveled to over 20 countries for work and pleasure, making her quite the world explorer.
  • Margo is also interested in gardening and has a beautiful garden at her home where she grows flowers and vegetables.
  • She’s a morning person and believes starting her day early gives her more energy.
  • Margo once said her favorite movie role was one where she got to play a detective.
  • Despite fame, she volunteers at local community centers, helping kids learn acting and modeling. – Margo loves the beach and often takes walks there to find inspiration.
  • She plays the piano well and enjoys composing her music.

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Margo Sullivan has some cool hobbies that she loves to do in her free time. Let’s take a peek at what she enjoys:

  • Playing with her pet dog, Sparky: Margo loves spending time with her furry friend, playing fetch, and going for walks.
  • Cooking yummy dishes: She loves to try new recipes and makes delicious meals for her friends and family.
  • Reading mystery books: Margo dives into mystery novels, loving the thrill of solving the puzzle before the story ends.
  • Traveling the world: With over 20 countries visited, she enjoys exploring new cultures and places.
  • Gardening: Margo has a green thumb and grows beautiful flowers and tasty vegetables in her garden.
  • Playing the piano: She enjoys making music and composing her tunes on the piano.
  • Volunteering: Giving back to the community, especially helping kids learn about acting and modeling, is something Margo is passionate about.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Margo Sullivan?

She is 64 years old as of 2024.

Where is Margo Sullivan from?

She’s from Lutz, Florida, in the USA.

What does Margo Sullivan do?

Margo is an actress and model.

How tall is Margo Sullivan?

She is 5 feet 4 inches tall.

Does Margo Sullivan have any pets?

Yes, she has a cute dog named Sparky.

What are Margo Sullivan’s hobbies?

She enjoys cooking, reading, traveling, gardening, playing the piano, and volunteering.

Is Margo Sullivan in a relationship?

She keeps her personal life private, so we don’t know.

What’s Margo Sullivan’s net worth?

She has a net worth of about $1 million.


In this fun journey, we learned much about the wonderful Margo Sullivan! From her start in Lutz, Florida, to becoming a big star in movies and modeling, Margo’s story is like a fantastic adventure book. She teaches us to dream big, work hard, and keep going even when things get tough.

Margo also shares her love with her dog, Sparky, enjoys cooking, and explores the world. She’s not just about being famous; she cares about helping others and making the world happier.

Whether you want to be a star like Margo or have another dream, believing in yourself is the first step to making it real.

Thanks for joining us to learn about Margo Sullivan, a true inspiration!

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