Overcoming Homesickness: Tips for International Students

Overcoming Homesickness: Tips for International Students

Moving to a new country for education is an exciting and transformative experience that fosters personal and professional growth. However, many students face homesickness during their stay abroad. This is a common challenge and almost everyone suffers from it. Adjusting to a new environment can be overwhelming and students might feel uncomfortable at the beginning, but there are many ways to overcome it. With little effort and help, an individual can cope with these feelings.

To make the most of your abroad trip, one should overcome these feelings. Here are some tips to help you cope with these feelings and enjoy your study abroad journey.

1.   Stay Connected With Family:

When students move to a new country, they feel homesick because they are isolated. Maintaining regular contact with friends and family can help reduce stress and feelings of isolation. By asking them about their day and telling them about yours, a student can get emotional support from his family and friends.

Apps like WhatsApp can be used to share quick updates and share experiences. Schedule regular video chats with your friends and family to feel better and reduce stress.

You should also stay in touch with the best educational consultants in your city to get valuable advice.

2.   Comfortable Living Space:

Your room’s setting and interior define how you feel. To reduce homesickness, you can make your new environment feel like the one in your home country.  After college, you will spend most of your time in your room, so make it feel like home to cope with the feeling of isolation and depression.

You can hang pictures of your loved ones or decorations that remind you of home. Bring something that provides you comfort like a blanket or a pillow from your home country. These small changes can bring a huge difference in how you feel.

3.   Establish A Routine:

When you establish a routine, you feel a sense of stability. In your daily schedule, plan your study time, exercise, meals, and time for rest. Take proper meals and include some of your favorite foods from home. When you eat healthy you feel energized, focused, and overall more balanced both physically and mentally.

4.   Explore Your New Environment:

When you stay in your room, you will feel depressed. To get rid of these blue feelings, go outside and explore a new city. When you interact with people and get to know about them, you will feel it more like home. Visit local attractions like museums and parks. Talk to people, and participate in community events or festivals to immerse yourself in the new culture.

The more friends you make, the less the feeling of loneliness becomes, as these friends provide emotional support and companionship. If you are afraid of feeling alone in a new country, a consultant can help you. The best educational consultants have connections worldwide. Through their help, you can make connections even before you arrive at your destination.

5.   Make New Friends:

When you immerse in culture and interact with people, you make new friends. Building a support network in a new environment is crucial for your mental stability. Join local clubs like sports or student organizations. Attend social gatherings to learn more about new cultures and people.

Also, share your experiences with the best educational consultant in your home country to get regular advice.

6.   Stay Active:

When you feel isolated and these feelings try to overcome you, go for a quick walk or do some exercise. Exercises are very helpful in reducing stress. Join a gym, or go for a regular walk. You can also take up a new sport to release stress.

Instead of doing nothing and just missing your home, try new things and adopt different hobbies. When you keep yourself engaged in something, these feelings of loneliness will not bother you.

7.   Self-Care And Professional Help:

Taking care of your physical and mental health is crucial to making the most of your study abroad experience. Take proper meals and maintain a good sleeping schedule. Practice exercises that are known to reduce stress like meditation or yoga.

If the feeling of homesickness persists for a long time, or if you think things are getting out of your hands, immediately seek a professional’s help. Many universities offer counseling services for international students. A psychologist teaches you the techniques to calm you down.

Join groups and talk to people who understand you. Sharing feelings with the people who listen and understand also helps in reducing stress.


By making small efforts to manage homesickness, international students can enhance their overall experience and make lasting memories during their study abroad stay. It is completely normal to miss your home but do not let it overshadow the journey you have embarked on.

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