What is Rihanna net worth? Age, Height, Career, Bio/Wiki 2024

What is Rihanna net worth? Age, Height, Career, Bio/Wiki 2024

Rihanna is a Super lady that has been making waves in the entertainment world. At just 36 years old, this Barbados-born artist has taken the music, fashion, and beauty industries by storm, becoming one of our time’s most successful and influential figures.

With her impressive net worth of $1.4 billion, Rihanna has surpassed other female musicians to become the wealthiest woman in the music industry. Her rise to fame was challenging, as she overcame a difficult childhood and became a global sensation.

We will delve into Rihanna’s net worth, career, and bio to understand how she has achieved such remarkable success.

Quick Bio, Wiki about Rihanna

ProfessionalSinger, Fashion designer, Actor, Music artist, Songwriter
BirthdateFeb 20, 1988
Age (as of 2024)36 years old
BirthplaceSaint Michael Parish
Height5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Rihanna Net Worth$1.4 Billion
Salary$70 Million Per Year
CategoryRichest Celebrities › Singers
Rihanna HusbandASAP Rocky
Rihanna ParentsMother: Monica Braithwaite
Father: Ronald Fenty
What is Rihanna net worth? Age, Height, Career, Bio/Wiki 2024

Who is Rihanna?

Rihanna is a very famous singer and businesswoman. She was born in a place called Barbados, which is a beautiful island. When she was young, she loved to sing and dreamt of becoming a star.

Rihanna has a magical voice that can sing many songs, from fast dance music to slow, beautiful ballads. She’s not just about music; she also creates makeup and clothes many people love wearing.

Rihanna works very hard and cares a lot about helping others, which makes her admired by people worldwide. She’s like a superhero of music and fashion!

Rihanna’s Early Life

Growing up in Barbados, Rihanna had a tough childhood. Her family life was hard because her dad had big problems with alcohol and drugs. This made things at home very unstable. Despite these challenges, Rihanna found a special friend in music.

It was like a secret garden where she could escape and feel happy. Singing lit her heart, and she dreamed of sharing her voice with the world. One day, a music producer from America, Evan Rogers, was visiting Barbados and heard Rihanna sing.

He was so amazed by her voice that he invited her to the United States to record some songs. This was like a door opening to a whole new world for Rihanna. It was her chance to turn her dreams into reality.

Even though she was just a teenager, Rihanna was brave and took a big step toward becoming the star she dreamed of being. This was the beginning of her incredible journey in music and beyond.

What is Rihanna net worth? Age, Height, Career, Bio/Wiki 2024

Rihanna Career Journey

Rihanna’s journey to becoming a superstar began when she was discovered by a music producer in her home country of Barbados. Her big break came when she sang for Jay-Z, a famous rapper and the boss of Def Jam Records.

He was so impressed with her talent that he signed her to a six-album deal in 2004. Rihanna worked very hard with Jay-Z and other music producers to create her first album, “Music of the Sun,” in 2005. Soon after, she released another album, “A Girl like Me,” which people loved.

But her 2007 album, “Good Girl Gone Bad,” and its super hit song “Umbrella” made Rihanna a music superstar. She even won a Grammy Award, which is a big music deal! Rihanna kept making music and released more albums like “Rated R,” “Loud,” and “Anti.”

She also sang with other famous singers like Eminem, Drake, and Coldplay, making songs many people enjoy. In 2022, she sang “Lift Me” for a movie soundtrack, and in 2023, she performed at the Super Bowl, a huge sports event in America.

Lots of people watched her sing and dance, showing just how popular she is. Rihanna’s career is full of big achievements because she works hard and loves making music.

Rihanna Achievement and Awards

Rihanna is not just a superstar singer; she’s also a winner of many, many awards. Imagine having a shelf full of trophies because that’s what Rihanna has! She’s won 9 Grammy Awards, which are super important in music.

It’s like winning a gold medal in the Olympics, but for music. Then, there are the 12 Billboard Music Awards and 13 American Music Awards she’s won because her songs are played and loved by so many people.

Rihanna has also been chosen eight times for the People’s Choice Awards, where fans vote for their favorites. Plus, she has six Guinness World Records!

That’s right, she’s in the Guinness Book for doing amazing things that no one else has done before. Rihanna has worked hard and has been recognized for her incredible talent and hard work.

What is Rihanna Net Worth?

Imagine having a giant piggy bank that’s so big it could hold $1.4 billion! That’s how much money Rihanna has in her giant piggy bank, making her the richest lady who sings in the whole world. A big part of this huge amount comes from her makeup brand, Fenty Beauty.

She made this with a company named LVMH, and together, they make more than $100 million just from selling makeup! Rihanna owns half of this makeup line, and it’s worth a lot, like $2 to $3 billion.

She also participates in a cool clothes brand for undergarments called Savage X Fenty, worth about $1 billion. Rihanna is like a queen of music, too. She has sold so many songs and albums, 60 million albums and 120 million singles, that she’s the best at selling music in the digital world.

She’s super young and already had 12 songs that were number one on the charts. So, when you think of Rihanna, picture a super-talented singer and businesswoman with a giant, overflowing piggy bank.

Rihanna Real Estate

Rihanna, a famous singer who loves beautiful homes, once bought a big house in Beverly Hills for $6.9 million! This house was very special because it was huge and had everything a superstar might need, like a big pool and a movie room. But there was a problem.

The house had leaks and other issues that could have been better. Rihanna tried to fix it by selling the house and even went to court because she was told it was in great shape when it wasn’t.

Later, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen bought the same house and fixed it up. Besides this house, Rihanna also lived in some pretty amazing places, like a fancy penthouse in New York and a cozy home in London.

She also bought a condo in LA for a lot of money, $5.545 million. Rihanna loves finding cool places to live, even though sometimes it can be a big adventure with unexpected twists!

Rihanna as an Actress

Rihanna is not only amazing at making music and running her businesses, but she’s also an actress! Imagine someone who can sing, design clothes, and act in movies. That’s Rihanna for you! She first appeared in a film in 2006, just showing up as herself and saying hi.

But then, she got to act in real roles. In 2012, she was in a big action movie called “Battleship,” where she helped save the world from aliens. Pretty cool. She also lent her voice to a character in “Home,” an animated movie in 2015, where she played a smart, brave girl named Tip.

Rihanna even joined a group of sneaky, smart ladies in “Ocean’s 8” in 2018, helping to pull off a huge jewelry heist. Acting lets Rihanna show off all the different things she can do, from saving the planet to planning big heists, all while still making her music.

Rihanna Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Weight (approx.)in Kilograms- 60 kg in Pounds- 132 lbs
Height (approx.)in centimeters- 173 cm in meters- 1.73 m in Feet Inches- 5’ 8”
Figure Measurements (approx.)34-24-36
Eye ColourGreen
Hair ColourDark Brown, dyed Black.

Rihanna Husband and Children

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky, two amazing music stars, have created a beautiful family together. They became a couple in 2020, and since then, they’ve welcomed two adorable boys into their lives, RZA and Riot.

These kids brought joy and made Rihanna and Rocky’s world even brighter. Rihanna once shared how becoming a mom changed everything for her. She said it’s like living in a whole new world, one that’s so full of love and happiness that you can’t even remember what life was like before it.

When their first son, RZA, came along, they weren’t exactly planning for it, but they were open to the magic of becoming parents. And magic it was! Rihanna found being a mom so awesome that she described it as “legendary.”

Then, when Rihanna revealed she was expecting their second son, Riot, during a big performance, it was clear this was the happiest time of her life. She felt her family was now perfect, just how it was meant to be.

Both Rihanna and A$AP Rocky love their boys so much and want them to grow up knowing how special and unique they are. They’ve even talked about how important it is for their sons to learn about their roots and heritage, starting with having their hair braided, a tradition with deep meanings. They’re a family full of love, music, and coolness, dreaming big for their two little boys.

Rihanna Parents and Sibling

Rihanna comes from a big family with lots of brothers and sisters. Her mom’s name is Monica Braithwaite, and her dad’s is Ronald Fenty. Together, they gave Rihanna two younger brothers, Rorrey and Rajad Fenty.

They all grew up together in Barbados. But that’s not all! Rihanna also has three half-siblings from her dad’s side – Kandy, Samantha, and Jamie Fenty. Even though families can get busy, Rihanna and all her brothers and sisters make sure to spend time together and have fun.

Even after Rihanna became famous and started traveling worldwide, she remembered her family. She always tries to see them and keep their bond strong, showing that family is super important no matter how busy you are.

Her parents, Ronald and Monica, aren’t together anymore because they divorced when Rihanna was just a teenager, but that doesn’t stop her from loving her big, mixed family.

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Interesting Facts & Trivia about Rihanna

  • Rihanna is not just a superstar in music; she’s also a business genius! She owns half of Fenty Beauty, a super popular makeup brand worth a lot of money – about $1.5 billion!
  • Not stopping there, she also has a big piece, 30%, of Savage x Fenty, her cool lingerie brand valued at $1 billion. That means she’s not just making beautiful music but also beautiful clothes that make people feel good.
  • Rihanna is super popular on social media too! She has over 250 million followers on Twitter and Instagram combined. That’s like if almost every person in the United States decided to follow her – wow!
  • With all these achievements, it’s no surprise that she’s the wealthiest female musician in the whole world. Imagine being the top of the top in music and business; that’s Rihanna for you!

Rihanna Song Video and Images

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Rihanna?

Rihanna is 36 years old, born on February 20, 1988.

How tall is Rihanna?

She stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Does Rihanna have kids?

She has two adorable boys, RZA and Riot, with A$AP Rocky.

What kind of music does Rihanna sing?

Rihanna sings in various styles like R&B, pop, reggae, and hip-hop.

Has Rihanna won any awards?

Absolutely! She’s won 9 Grammy Awards, among many others.

What businesses does Rihanna own?

Rihanna owns Fenty Beauty and has a big part in Savage X Fenty, her lingerie brand.

Is Rihanna also an actress?

Yes, she’s been in movies like “Battleship” and “Ocean’s 8”.

What’s special about Rihanna’s makeup brand?

Fenty Beauty is known for having many shades to match all skin types, making it super inclusive!


Rihanna is like a shining star who has done so many amazing things. She sings beautiful songs, creates makeup and clothes, acts in movies, and is a super mom to her two boys. Her big heart and hard work show everyone that dreams can come true.

Rihanna teaches us that we can become whatever we want no matter where we come from. She’s not just a singer; she’s an inspiration, showing the world how to be strong, kind, and successful.

Remember, like Rihanna, you can achieve great things if you believe in yourself and work hard!

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