Self-sufficient travel to Cambodia and things you cannot ignore in 2024

Cambodia – A country that possesses a brilliant culture with many ancient works and architecture from ancient times and is a close neighbor with Vietnam. Self-sufficient travel to Cambodia has therefore become an attractive choice for many tourists. Today, let’s take some time to explore with okvip what you need to know when traveling to Cambodia on your own.

What do you need to prepare when traveling to Cambodia on your own?

When traveling independently, no matter which country you go to, you need to prepare all your belongings and belongings. When traveling to Cambodia on your own, we will need to prepare a few things such as:

  • Personal documents such as Passport (valid for at least 6 months), CCCD/ID card,…
  • Money for travel, dining, shopping (exchange money to Riel or US Dollars)
  • Clothes, personal items, shoes, hats, sunglasses,…
  • Map of the area in Cambodia you want to visit
  • Prepare medicines such as headaches, stomachaches, motion sickness, fever,…

You should note that Cambodia is currently using two parallel currencies: Riel and US Dollar. That’s why you can change Vietnamese money to these two denominations for convenient travel. Riel is often used for small transactions such as eating, traveling, etc. denominations will range from 10-20-50-100,000 Riel. For larger transactions, US dollars can be used.

Currency denominations in Cambodia

When is the best time to travel to Cambodia on your own?

Cambodia has two distinct seasons: the rainy season and the dry season, the rainy season will be from May to October and the dry season will be from November to March. The dry season will definitely be the most ideal period to travel to Cambodia. Self-sufficient, this time it is sunny, dry and cool. From mid-November, Cambodia will hold a water festival or boat race. If you want to learn more about Cambodian culture, you can travel every April to experience the traditional Cambodian New Year of Chol Chnam Thmay.

Cambodia has two distinct rainy and sunny seasons

How to travel to Cambodia?

Currently, there are two means of transportation to Cambodia: passenger car and plane.

Passenger car: This will be a suitable vehicle for those coming from the southern provinces. Passenger cars are quite affordable and have the opportunity to admire the scenery along the way, so many tourists choose them. Currently there are many bus companies going to Cambodia such as Mai Linh Express, Mekong Express, Sapaco,… Current bus ticket prices:

  • Route Saigon – Phnom Penh: 550,000 – 650,000 VND/person/trip
  • Route Saigon – Siem Reap: 1,280,000 VND/person/trip

Airplane: As the fastest means of transportation to Cambodia, you can currently book Cambodia flight tickets at okvip to receive many attractive promotions. The latest Cambodian airfare prices are:

  • Flight ticket Hanoi – Phnom Penh: 2,585,215 VND/person
  • Flight ticket Saigon – Phnom Penh: 2,379,300 VND/person
  • Flight ticket Hanoi – Siem Reap: 2,379,300 VND/person
  • Flight ticket Saigon – Siem Reap: 2,627,530 VND/person

When traveling to Cambodia on your own and need to move, you can choose many types of vehicles such as motorbike taxis, tuk tuk, cyclos, buses, taxis, etc. However, when choosing a tuk tuk or For motorbike taxis, you need to carefully ask the price in advance and pay to avoid being charged too much.

Tuk Tuk is a popular means of transportation in Cambodia

Self-sufficient travel destinations in Cambodia that cannot be missed

Cambodia owns many famous tourist destinations, that’s why you will need to plan your self-sufficient trip to Cambodia very specifically about the places you will visit. When traveling to Cambodia, these are places not to be missed:

Capital Phnom Penh

Is the capital of Cambodia and the largest political – economic – cultural – tourist center. Coming to Phnom Penh, you can freely visit famous landmarks such as: Royal Palace of Cambodia (Silver Pagoda – Golden Pagoda), Wat Phnom Pagoda, National Museum of Cambodia, Wat Botum Pagoda, Diet Museum Tuol Sleng strain, Olympic stadium, Choeung Ek Killing Field, Independence and Liberation Memorial Temple,…

Royal Palace of Cambodia

Siem Reap 

Located in the northwest of Cambodia, this is a large tourist city famous for its Angkor complex – considered the national treasure of Cambodia. Coming to Siem Reap, visitors will definitely not be able to miss places such as Angkor Wat Temple Complex – One of the 7 Wonders of the World, Wat Bo Temple, Wat Preah Prom Rath Temple, Phnom Kulen National Park, Tonle Sap Lake. Tonle Sap, Pub Street walking street, Angkor silk farm,…


A scenic city in the south of Cambodia, this is a city famous for its deep-water port and many beaches and islands that attract tourists. Coming to Sihanoukville, you can comfortably enjoy the blue sea and golden sand at many famous locations such as Koh Rong, Song Saa, Koh Ta Kiev,… along with participating in many activities such as swimming and diving. sea, boating, canoeing and enjoying attractive seafood.

What are some attractive Cambodian specialties?

After admiring the scenery, let’s look for specialty dishes to enjoy. During your self-sufficient trip to Cambodia, don’t forget to try these famous dishes:

Pork rice (Bai sach chrouk) 

Pork is sliced ​​thinly, marinated with spices and then grilled thoroughly with charcoal. After being grilled, the pork will be served with broken rice, served with cucumber, radish, ginger and super delicious broth. Make sure you eat and remember forever.

Pork rice (Bai sach chrouk)

Khmer red curry

A famous dish from Orange, the curry is cooked from coconut water, without using chili powder. Curry uses meats such as beef, chicken, fish and is eaten with vegetables such as cowpeas, potatoes, eggplant, lemon grass and kroeung spices. Red curry is best eaten with bread.

Khmer beef salad with lemon (Lap Khmer) 

The beef will be sliced ​​thinly, grilled or blanched in boiling water, or in many places it will be made rare with lemon juice. Beef is combined with many spices such as lemon grass, garlic, onions, basil, mint, cowpeas, pepper, and fish sauce to bring a super delicious taste.

Fish Amok 

A dish with a sophisticated preparation method, using many ingredients such as fish, curry sauce, coconut milk, turmeric, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, chives,… Fish Amok is sold quite a lot at Markets, restaurants,… so it’s very easy to find.

Kampot durian 

A famous Cambodian specialty, Kampot durian has large, full citrus, fragrant, and fatty taste. If you want to enjoy it, you should go directly to Kampot town, because it may be difficult to find this dish in other areas.

Above are important things to know when traveling to Cambodia on your own. Hopefully tin tức du lịch will be useful for you and help you have a fun trip.

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