Sophie Turner Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Career, Net worth

Sophie Turner Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Career, Net worth

Sophie Turner is a name that needs no introduction. This talented English actress has captured the hearts of millions with her portrayal of Sansa Stark in the hit series “Game of Thrones.” But there is more to her than just her iconic role.

Born on February 21, 1996, in Northampton, England, Sophie’s journey to success is one of talent, resilience, and personal growth, from her debut as Sansa Stark to her Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

Turner has proven herself as a versatile performer. Her appearances in films like Barely Lethal and the X-Men series cemented her place in the entertainment industry. But beyond her career, Turner’s personal life and family remain essential to her story.

Quick Bio

Birth NameSophie Belinda Turner
Other NameSophie Turner
Date of BirthFebruary 21, 1996
Sophie Turner Age in 202428 years
Place of BirthNorthampton, Northamptonshire, England
Zodiac SignPisces
Famous ForPlaying Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones
HusbandJoseph Adam Jonas (musician)
Net Worth$12 million
Sophie Turner Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Career, Net worth

Who Is Sophie Turner?

Sophie Turner is a famous actress from England. When she was young, she started acting in a big show called “Game of Thrones.”

People loved her as Sansa Stark, a princess with red hair. Sophie wasn’t just good in this show; she acted in movies too. Imagine being a superhero! Sophie did that by playing Jean Grey in the “X-Men” movies.

She can control her mind and move things without touching them! Sophie loves acting, but she’s also a regular person who enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She shows us that you can achieve your dreams with hard work and believing in yourself.

Sophie Turner Early Life

Sophie Turner was born in a place called Northampton in England, which is a big country with lots of history. She has a big family who loves her a lot. When she was just a little girl, younger than many of you, Sophie discovered she loved acting.

She liked to pretend to be different characters and tell stories. Sophie went to a school just like you, but she also went to a particular school for acting because she loved it so much. This is where she learned to become good at acting.

Even when she was small, Sophie knew she wanted to be an actress and worked hard to make her dream come true.

Sophie Turner Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Career, Net worth

Sophie Turner Career journey

Sophie Turner’s adventure in acting started when she was just a little girl, playing pretend and dreaming big. Her first big step was becoming Sansa Stark on “Game of Thrones.” Imagine going to work, and your job is to be a princess daily!

After that, Sophie became a superhero named Jean Grey in the “X-Men” movies, where she got to pretend to move things with her mind. Sophie didn’t stop there; she kept acting in more films, showing everyone she could be many different people.

Her journey shows that when you love something and work hard, you can become anything you want, even if it’s a princess or a superhero!

Awards and Achievements

Sophie Turner has done some fantastic things in her acting career! One of their biggest highlights is when she was nominated for an exceptional award called the Primetime Emmy Award in 2019. This was a big deal because it’s like getting a gold star for being a fantastic actress in a drama show.

Even though she played in many movies and shows, being recognized for her role as Sansa Stark in “Game of Thrones” was super special. Sophie has shown everyone she is a fantastic actress by playing different roles, from princesses to superheroes!

Sophie Turner Family

Sophie Turner isn’t just a talented actress; she’s also a loving member of a big, happy family. In July 2020, Sophie and her husband, Joe Jonas, welcomed a beautiful daughter named Willa Jonas.

Sophie’s family is entirely of stars, too! She has brothers-in-law who are famous singers – Nick Jonas, Frankie Jonas, and Kevin Jonas. Imagine having such cool uncles! Her father-in-law is Kevin Jonas Sr., and her mother-in-law is Denise Jonas, who must be proud of their talented family.

Sophie is also connected to other amazing actresses through marriage, like Priyanka Chopra and Danielle Jonas, her sisters-in-law. Sophie’s family shows that talent and love go hand in hand.

DaughterWilla Jonas
Brothers In-LawNick Jonas
Frankie Jonas
Kevin Jonas
Father In-LawKevin Jonas Sr.
Mother In-LawDenise Jonas
Sisters In-LawPriyanka Chopra
Danielle Jonas

Sophie Turner Education

Sophie Turner went to the king Warwick Prep School when she was little, just like the school you might attend! Later, she went to a particular school for girls named The King’s High School for Girls. It’s a place where lots of girls learn together.

Sophie also went to a place called Playbox Theatre Company. This is where she learned to act and be amazing on stage. Imagine going to a school where you get to pretend and play different characters all the time! That’s what Sophie did; it helped her become the great actress she is today.

How old is Sophie Turner?

Sophie Turner is 28 years old! She was born on a fantastic day, February 21, 1996. Imagine all the adventures she’s had since then!

Sophie became a mom for the first time when she was 24 and then again at 26, which is pretty awesome.

She and Joseph Adam Jonas, a super cool musician, decided to get married when Sophie was 23 and he was 29.

Sophie Turner Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Sophie Turner is quite tall, standing at 5 feet 9 inches, about 175 centimeters! She has beautiful green eyes that sparkle like emeralds and blonde hair that shines like the sun. Sophie weighs around 60 kilograms, which is the same as 132 pounds.

She wears a size eight shoe in US measurements, and her clothes are usually a size 4 in US sizes, too. Her body measurements are 34-24-34 inches, making her figure look like an hourglass.

Sophie has a slim body type that she takes good care of. With her tall height and glowing appearance, she looks like a real-life princess from the stories we love!

Height (centimeters)175 cm
Height (feet and inches)5′ 9″
Eye colorGreen
Hair colorBlonde
Weight (kilograms)60 kg
Weight (pounds)132 lbs
Shoe Size8 (US)
Dress Size4 (US)
Figure Measurements34-24-34
Body TypeSlim

Husband and Relationship status

Sophie Turner is married to a musician named Joseph Adam Jonas, part of a famous band. They had a beautiful wedding and are very happy together.

Joseph sings songs and performs on stage, making many people dance and smile. Sophie and Joseph share much love and have fun with their family and friends.

They show us that being kind and caring makes a family special.

What is Sophie Turner’s net worth?

Sophie Turner has a lot of money because she’s a great actress. She has about $12 million, like a giant mountain of toys worth about £9 million! Her ex-husband, Joe, has even more toys, with his mountain worth $50 million (£40 million).

They both agreed that Joe would keep his music toy money, and Sophie would keep her acting toy money. They also decided how to care for their daughters and share their big house money. It’s like they’re making sure everyone gets a fair share of their toy box!

Sophie Turner on Social media

Sophie Turner loves sharing bits of her life on social media, just like you might enjoy sharing fun moments with friends online. She uses Instagram to post pictures of her adventures, lovely family, and sometimes cute dogs!

Sophie’s Instagram is like a colorful diary where she shares her life’s happy, exciting, and even everyday moments. She also uses Twitter to talk about things she cares about, like her favorite movies or important messages she wants to share with the world.

Following Sophie on social media is like being a part of her journey, seeing the world through her eyes, and getting little peeks into the life of a real-life princess and superhero.

Fun Facts About Sophie

  • Sophie enjoys doing puzzles in her free time. It’s like a treasure hunt; every piece helps complete a beautiful picture!
  • Her favorite color is red, like Sansa’s hair in “Game of Thrones.” It’s bright and powerful, just like her!
  • Believe it or not, playing Sansa Stark was her first-ever acting job. Imagine your first job being a princess!
  • Sophie decided not to eat meat because she loves animals a lot. She chooses to eat plants and yummy veggies instead.
  • She has several tattoos, each with its special meaning. One is for her family, and another matches with her “Game of Thrones” co-star, Maisie Williams.
  • Sophie loves listening to music, especially songs by her husband’s band. It’s like having a personal concert at home!
  • Even though she might seem brave on screen, Sophie loves watching scary movies, even if they make her jump!
  • Her friends and family sometimes call her “Soph,” which is a cute and short way to say Sophie.

Sophie’s Hobbies and Interests

Sophie Turner isn’t just a fantastic actress; she has some cool hobbies and interests when she’s not on camera:

  • Reading Books: Sophie loves getting lost in stories, from magical fairy tales to exciting adventures.
  • Traveling: She enjoys exploring new places worldwide and discovering different cultures and beautiful sights.
  • Playing with her Dogs: Sophie has furry friends at home and loves playing and cuddling with them.
  • Yoga and Exercise: Keeping fit is essential to Sophie. She likes doing yoga and other exercises to stay healthy and happy.
  • Cooking: Trying new recipes and cooking delicious meals is something Sophie enjoys. It’s like a fun experiment for her taste buds!
  • Watching Movies: Like us, Sophie loves watching movies. She’s a big fan of comedies and action films that make her laugh and keep her on the edge of her seat.
  • Hanging Out with Family and Friends: Spending quality time with her loved ones is crucial to Sophie. They play games, chat, and make beautiful memories together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Sophie Turner?

Sophie is 28 years old. She was born in 1996.

What shows and movies has she been in?

Sophie was in “Game of Thrones” as Sansa Stark and played Jean Grey in the “X-Men” movies. She’s also been in other films like “Barely Lethal.”

Does Sophie have any siblings?

Yes, Sophie has two older brothers. She’s the youngest in her family.

Who is Sophie Turner married to?

Sophie is married to Joseph Adam Jonas, who is a musician.

How tall is Sophie?

Sophie is quite tall, standing at 5 feet 9 inches.

What are some things Sophie likes to do for fun?

Sophie loves reading books, traveling, playing with her dogs, doing yoga, cooking, watching movies, and hanging out with family and friends.


Sophie Turner’s story is like a fairy tale where hard work and dreams come true. She went from playing pretend to being a princess and a superhero on the big screen. Sophie teaches us that no matter where you come from, you can be whatever you want if you believe in yourself and work hard.

She’s not just a star in movies and shows; she’s also a loving mom, wife, and friend. Sophie’s journey shows us that being kind, strong, and brave can help us achieve our dreams.

Remember, like Sophie, you too can reach for the stars and make your fairy tale come true.

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